Jillies Dress Weights

Your Dress Will Never Fly Up Again

Jillies are stick-on dress weights that keep your dress down in the wind.

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You know that panicky, frantic feeling when your dress flies up?

Jillies are specifically designed for those moments. They're portable & small so they fit in your bag and can be quickly stuck on in seconds so you don't feel exposed.

Just Stick 'Em

apply on-the-go or while you get ready


Peel off your Jillies


Stick around the inside of your hem 


Jillies are reusable - place them back into the case to keep them sticky. 

Play Me

Turn a necessity into an accessory

When you’re not using Jillies, they live in a chic little carrying case that goes in your handbag so you’re ready for anything. It's not a business card holder, but it will definitely keep things professional.

Your favorite wedding guest

You want your wedding to be a wow moment, not a whoops moment. Jillies make great bridesmaids' gifts and are always welcome at the reception.

Approved for travel

When you want to see the whole world, but you don't want the whole world to see your bits. From beach cover-ups to maxi dresses, JIllies belong in your suitcase.

Everyone loves Jillies

I feel naked without my Jillies. I once forgot them and freaked out. I wish I could have had an emergency drop off!

– Gianna, CT

I was wearing a wrap skirt and it flew all the way open as I was crossing the street. I was so happy that I had Jillies in my bag and could quickly stick them on.

– Grace, NYC

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