Jillies Dress Weights

Your dress will never fly up again!

Jillies Dress Weights stick to the hem of your dress to hold it down for you.

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Made for on-the-go use

You don't plan for your dress to fly up - it just happens! Jillies come in a portable case so you can take them with you.

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How Jillies Work


Peel off your Jillies


Stick around the inside of your hem 


Jillies are reusable - place them back into the case to keep them sticky. 

As easy as a sticker

Jillies work a lot better than clutching and grabbing at your skirt in a wave of panic. And they stay with you in their purse-sized case at all times. As soon as you feel the wind blow, whip 'em out! It's as easy as using a sticker and they won't leave any residue.

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Your favorite wedding guest

You want your wedding to be a wow moment, not a whoops moment. Jillies make great bridesmaids' gifts and are always welcome at the reception.

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Turn a necessity into an accessory

When you’re not using Jillies, they live in a chic little carrying case that goes in your handbag so you’re ready for anything. It's not a business card holder, but it will definitely keep things professional.

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