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You know that frantic feeling when your dress flies up?

Jillies are designed for those moments.

Jillies fit in your bag and can be stuck on in seconds. You won't need to spend the rest of the day or night worrying about your dress - Jillies will hold it down for you.

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Stick Jillies around the inside of your hem- just like a sticker!


Place them back into the case to keep them sticky. 

As easy as a sticker

Jillies stick on in seconds and stay on all day

Come in a portable case

Jillies fit in your bag for immediate use

Reusable & Include Refills

Jillies are reusable & include an adhesive refill kit for extra uses.

Won't bother you while on

Jillies are flat & smooth so you won't notice them


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"I love these, they're small, light, and somehow do the job! It doesn't pull down on a dress like you think it would. The case is great, I keep the whole set in my bag and stick them on when I need it, no tape to mess with."

— Betty, Feb 2023

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