We’ve all been there, rushing down the stairs to the subway station, climbing to the plane from the tarmac, enjoying a cocktail at an outdoor wedding and—whoosh!—up goes the skirt. What if you’re wearing granny panties? What if you’re wearing NO panties? Even if you’re in your best skivvies, it’s not a great situation.

We wanted to find a way to never have that overexposed feeling again. The dress weights we saw on the market had a couple of key shortfalls. One, they were too clunky. Two, they weren’t really portable. See, you don’t plan to have your dress blow up. It just happens. 

So, we developed these cute stick-on dots that go right inside your hem. They’re heavy enough to hold your dress down, but not so heavy they hold you back. In fact you don’t notice them at all. And they stay on all day. When you’re not using them, they live in a chic little carrying case that goes in your handbag, so you’re ready for anything. 

We call them Jillies, and they’ll save your life. Well, not literally, but you know what we mean.